Geber Van Hohenheim - TL

Geber Van Hohenheim - TL
ساخته شده در 1399/11/29

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Who am I and what do I do?

i`m nobody wanna be somebody and bring happiness to my life once again. I`ll do a lot of things, translating, studying new sciences to become a fully practical Polymath. Linguistics, Human behavior, alchemy, history, geology, and having a dog, living in a new country are my dreams and passions in life that i pursue. maybe you can help me to reach my point and purpose in life.

Why am i here?

I need to get to my goal sooner, i cannot move on in life unless i find another place in another country to live, start with people which are more nicer and kinder to you than your homeland. like Second Lieutenant Maria Ross in Full Metal Alchemist, she passed the hard desert to get to a new land and she could have the hope and excitement of living in a better place.

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